Snowflakes and other stories

snowflakesIn Snowflakes, Allison’s first work of fiction, he explores the timeless themes of love, forgiveness and tragedy with deftly drawn characters and a healthy dose of humor. Available in Bookstores and this holiday season.

Chris Allison writes enjoyable fiction that will touch your heart, challenge your mind, and nurture your soul.
– William F. Kraft, Ph.D., author of Coming To God

Powerful, heartfelt, and accented with wry and earthy humor.
– Ross Howell Jr., author of Forsaken: A Novel

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You’ll Manage: Lessons Learned from a Former CEO

You’ll Manage: Lessons Learned from a Former CEO

You’ll Manage is a gritty collection of essays about the life and business wisdom Chris Allison gathered as entrepreneur and CEO of a start-up that became a publicly-traded company. His entertaining prose makes it easy to get wrapped up in the stories and forget you’re getting an education in finance and management.

Allison’s book has the feel of sitting down for a beer with a business mentor. In “Five Moments,” a reflection on the events that shaped his career, Allison reminds us that business and life are intertwined, and encourages readers not so much to learn about his life, as to examine their own.

“Say What? The Crazy Language of Start-up Capital” is a must-read for any entrepreneur thinking about finding an “angel investor.” For an understanding of the crushing demands of keeping a start-up alive and taking it public successfully, read “Confessions of a Job Junkie.”

Unlike many entrepreneurs who offer business advice, Allison doesn’t take himself too seriously. In titles like “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Entrepreneur” and “Big Daddy,” he uses humor to speak with the candor of someone who’s not afraid to admit he’s made mistakes along the way, and learned from them.

You’ll find yourself on the last page of You’ll Manage before you know it, wishing for more.