Allison is a frequent guest speaker at universities, entrepreneurial organizations and service clubs on a range of business issues. His most popular speech topics are listed below.

  • A Few Good Men (and Women) — Tollgrade Communications developed a management team recognized by Forbes and Fortune by creatively hiring “smart” rather than hiring “pedestrian industry experience.” Allison explains how to “draft the best available athlete” then train them on the industry, rather than hiring a person with “one year’s experience 15 times.”
  • Five Moments — Allison helps you realize that it’s a wonderful life by examining the events that shape your life and dictate how it all unfolds. He tells the story of his five moments and helps listeners identify theirs.
  • Economics Acorns — Allison tells the story of how true economic development is created when a successful technology company drops business acorns and creates a critical mass of economic development.
  • Enter The No Flip Zone — The most successful startups are those built for the long run and the least successful are those created for a quick sale. Allison explains how you can implement simple management practices that make your team effective through accountability and interdependent communication.
  • Organized Innovation — Innovation is neither an accident nor a product of serendipity. Allison maps out how business discovery should be well organized by identifying problems created by major market shifts. After the problems are identified, companies can capitalize through development of solutions grounded with a solid business case.
  • Tell Me A Story — Allison explains how his ability to paint a vision through stories served as an effective management tool for growth while interacting with investors, customers and employees.
  • The Walk of Truth — Allison gives a humorous take on the things you can learn about a prospect or a partner during a four-hour round of golf.
  • Clarion University — On October 23, 2013 Chris gave a  presentation at Clarion University. Click here to watch the presentation.

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